Get more control of your day with Microsoft 365

The research is in. Though more people are working remotely with a more flexible schedule, "people are now facing changes in how they live, work, collaborate, and take care of themselves and their loved ones," writes Gideon Bibliowicz in his blog titled "Get more control of your day with Microsoft 365."

Managing time has never been more crucial. Across Microsoft 365, there was a 30% increase in scheduled meetings (with 30% of them going over the scheduled time) and a 100% jump in video calls in the last few months. Additionally, there a was 52% jump in the number of instant messages between 6pm and midnight—stats Bibliowicz noted because employees need support in managing their time, now more than ever.

Read this blog for detailed updates on how Microsoft has updated experiences in Outlook, Teams, To Do, MyAnalytics as well as other apps—so that you can spend less time preparing for meetings, organize your calendar to stay balanced, and protect your personal time.


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