Digital Transformation

To start a digital transformation, consider these business questions:

  • Are your employees fully connected to each other?
  • Do your employees have modern tools that make them more competitive?
  • Are your employees completely mobile – able to work from anywhere at any time?
  • Are you maximizing your business operations with cloud-based line-of-business (LOB) applications that enable you to work from anywhere and are easily updated?

Every one of these questions depends on your business technology choices and your employees comfort with those choices.

Blacktip enables digital transformation via business solution consulting and cloud services. The world of work is always changing. Blacktip keeps you at the forefront.

  • 360 Support

    Strategy & Planning

    We help you achieve the most from your information technology so that employees collaborate more effectively, managers make better decisions, increasing meaningful engagement with your business.

  • Operational Solutions

    Operational Management

    We support you in finding more effective ways to operate while enhancing customer expectations of your service. Whether you’re exploring the best solutions for delivering services, or are tasked with creating a client engagement process, Blacktip is your partner.

After several years of traditional support from Blacktip, we finally made the decision to move to their managed services program and haven’t looked back. The peace of mind and security their program has provided to our office has been fantastic. They introduced us to the cloud, which added security and convenience as the majority of our office travels weekly. The cloud allows our team to work more efficiently and cohesively without fear of lost data. The Blacktip team provides outstanding service and I very strongly recommend their elite services.

Rodrigo Sanchez | Vice President, Masipack North America, LLC