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Thank you for considering Blacktip, as you have made the right choice.

Blacktip is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes on the Apple platform leveraging Daylite for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We serve the Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Southern Florida markets.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Daylite implementation, then Blacktip will help you with all aspects of this solution, from automation to reporting..

Blacktip is a Marketcircle Platinum Partner.

Please be aware that Blacktip is currently only accepting clients with 10 Daylite users or more.

Daylite Marketcircle Expert

TeamLBR has been very pleased with Blacktip both from a Daylite training and servicing standpoint. The Blacktip team has become an important part of our organization. They clearly understand and implement our needs.

Robert Beckner | Principal, Lightle Beckner Robison